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North Caicos is the second largest of the Turks & Caicos Islands, with a population of roughly 1,500 people. The island can be divided into five regions centralized around the local villages: Sandy Point, Kew, Whitby, Major Hill and Bottle Creek. Each of these villages and surrounding areas are quite unique, as outlined below.

North Caicos is well known as the “garden island” of TCI. With the most rainfall of all the islands, farms here have been more successful over the years than anywhere else in the country. Currently five farms are active, and agriculture will indeed provide a growth industry for North Caicos! Orchards will soon come – fruit trees abound with guavas, sugar apples, sapodillas, soursops, ginaps, mangoes, pomegranates, and citrus of all kinds. With a growing appreciation of organic food, and food grown near to home, North Caicos farming has a great future.

The vast majority of land on North Caicos is privately owned, as opposed to Crown Land owned by government, but nearly 30% of the island of North Caicos is dedicated to the International Ramsar Biodiversity Wetland Reserve, a major treaty preserved site dedicated to protection of habitat for the local flora and fauna. Settlement is widespread across the island, localized around five villages, with a total population of roughly 1500 people.

North Caicos has a well developed infrastructure with power, telecommunications, shopping and maintenance service. Local entrepreneurs have set up family businesses that include water plant, hardware supply, propane gas station, five supermarkets, car parts and repair, construction, tourist facilities, recreation activities and much more. At Bellefield Landing, there is access for large cargo and container delivery, with roll on/roll off capacity such that construction companies on North Caicos can competently handle residential projects. The completion of the causeway between the North & Middle Caicos islands has allowed Middle Caicos residents a new convenience for shopping and travel to other islands, created a great spot for line fishing, and opened easy access to the natural wonders of Middle Caicos for everyone!

Development to date on North Caicos has focused along the coastlines, but interior subdivisions are growing in popularity as land costs are very reasonable. Expansion of each village is also evident as new homes, farms or businesses build at the village edge. Processing of generational land will bring more listings of clearly titled lots onto the market over the next few years. The tourism market here shows signs of change, with villa and hotel rentals on North Caicos achieving greater occupancy rates these past few years as visitors come to know the quiet relaxation of this island. The importance of eco-tourism, taking advantage of the heritage and culture here, will be crucial to the sustainable development of North Caicos and it is a perfect island for small inns focused on specialty activities – kite boarding, kayaking, bone fishing or cycling among other sports.

The past ten years has been a roller-coaster for real estate activity in TCI overall. In 2006 and early 2007 land values rose abruptly but since summer 2007 land values fell dramatically and sales became a tiny trickle. Obviously, the global economic crunch of 2008, hurricanes Hannah and Ike and the local political instability all contributed - with the result that even in 2009 no land sales were recorded on North Caicos and only two sales noted in 2010. On a distinctly positive note, in 2011 prices stabilized and buyers moved ahead – sales very slow, but steady and active! Since 2012, the situation continues to improve with strong enquiries and sales in 2017 and into 2018! A huge variety of property is available at all price ranges and in all locations. The foregoing means that now is indeed the time to buy your property on North Caicos.

SANDY POINT : This settlement is tucked into the northwest shore of North Caicos, and home to the main boat harbor of the island. While the actual village is tiny, Sandy Point teems with life both from the regular ferries and visiting boats tying up in the snug and safe harbour completed in 2007. The North Caicos Yacht Club has a vast developed site, and sells lots with dock space – the first home is now completed (see photo below).

North Caicos Yacht Club canals

Nearby, very high end beach front development is underway, with single private homes, hotel and condo development. This includes the Sandy Point estates, Seaside estates and Three Mary Cays developments. The road system along the north shore is poor (bumpy, rutted, often pooled with water) but it is the only access road for Three Mary Cays, a very beautiful spot! The Royal Reef resort is on the beach here in Sandy Point, and negotiations are underway with a new buyer. The staff buildings across the road have been purchased, upgraded and sold as the Royal Caicos condominiums. At the junction heading into the centre of North Caicos, the main road runs from Kew to Whitby, setting this northern part of the island apart. Beachfront lots are available all along the north shore.

KEW : This village is renowned throughout the country as the garden village and all the major farming efforts of TCI centre on Kew. It is one of the oldest villages in TCI, and the site of the famous Wades Green Plantation – an historic tourist site just outside the village. The deep water port of Bellefield Landing is ten minutes down the road from Kew village and offers containers a safe landing point. Commercial development along this road continues with the new power plant now operational. The village population is almost 400 people, with post office, primary school, churches, police station, groceries, hairdressers and bars. Land here rolls with greenery, and some generational properties come available. Developments with lots for sale include Monkey Hill, the south edge of the NCYC, and a commercial plan near the landing.

Whitby Beach North Cacios

WHITBY : The village of Whitby curves along the shores of Whitby and Pelican beaches, including many expatriate homes and villas alongside newer local residential homes. It is a prime tourist destination, with restaurants, bars, grocery store all within walking distance. To access the prestigious Pumpkin Bluff area on the north shore, it is best to proceed from the Whitby region. This area has developed quickly with side by side mansions along the sandy beach shore. The beach settlement by Whitby beach is one of the oldest expatriate developments in North Caicos. Including private homes and condos there are four streets of soft sand, lots of landscaped gardens and lovely snorkeling offshore.

whitby beach north caicos

Moving toward Pelican Beach, the development is more recent, homes and condominiums continue with the Pelican Beach Hotel a central heart. Shopping, both wholesale and retail includes a general store, liquor store, grocery store, furniture store and several small local restaurants are in the neighborhood. Heading east now, the main road continues past Flamingo Pond, home to TCI’s large flock of elegant pink birds. New subdivision areas have been built toward Major Hill, incorporating Stinky Creek and covering the area to Horsestable Beach. The St. Charles Resort, now closed, is located at Horsestable beach and properties are available all along this shore, to the mouth of Bottle Creek. Many types of property are available.

Major Hill shopping area North Cacios

MAJOR HILL : This is the most active area of North Caicos, nearest the airport and hosting the local plaza with a myriad of shops and stores: hardware/appliances/construction supplies, liquor, electrical supplies, water plant, laundromat, propane refill, fishing, customs/immigration, restaurant, gas stations, mechanic, trucking, bars….plenty! The turnoff leads to an active boat landing just inside the Bottle Creek north mouth. Homes are scattered throughout this area, predominantly near the Major Hill road. King’s Landing is a development zone along this stretch, and several subdivisions with parcels from .3 to one acre have been created both private and government. The islands of the East Bay Reserve glisten softly, long flat sandy bars, easy reach by kayak, home to iguanas, flotsam and jetsam. The view into the creek and across to the reserve islands is splendid and peaceful. Waterfront and view lots are available at prices from $35,000 for interior lots to $90,000 on the water.

Bottle Creek Property for sale North Caicos Turks and Caicos Islands

BOTTLE CREEK : This is the main village of the island, with government offices (environmental health, road traffic, land survey, treasury, district commissioner, national insurance), telephone/power company offices, the island high school, 3 grocery stores, gas station, beauty salons, bars, snack bars, bakery, 3 churches - and the largest village population at roughly 800 people. It is an extremely interesting village, with a core of four streets, lots of fruit trees overhanging the roads and people always on the move. A long lingering residential area runs on both sides of the road through the old settlement/plantation areas of Kerrmount, Richmond, Laughland, Belmont, and Ready Money – finally leading to the causeway to Middle Caicos. The shoreline properties all face the beauty of the East Bay Islands Reserve, and the boat traffic channel hugs the shore the full length of the Bottle Creek peninsula. The lots on the south face the huge expanse of North Caicos and fade into the south banks and Ramsar reserve. Properties are abundantly available in all shapes and sizes - commercial, residential, vacant, large, small, waterfront, farm land, ridgetop ... come and make your choice!!

Downtown Bottle Creek North Cacios Turks and Cacios Islnds

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