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We are small independent real estate brokerage that respects your privacy, and works to your exact personal instructions. Our locally based agents on each island offer extensive knowledge and years of experience for all your realty and development needs on Middle Caicos, North Caicos, Pine Cay and Salt Cay. The Turks & Caicos Islands has no property or income tax, no probate fees or succession duties and a well established offshore financial services sector – making investment here a secure long term decision of exceptional value. Both vacant land parcels and homes are currently listed with Forbes, Forbes & Forbes Ltd., on each island. In addition to property sales we also handle land claim research, property development logistics, rental property management and more. Come soon to visit us on North Caicos, Middle Caicos, Salt Cay and Pine Cay.

We welcome your enquiries anytime, and will always provide you with quality service in a timely manner.

Summer 2016 Realty Report

The heat is on indeed, and thank goodness for the breeze. Turks & Caicos islands is overall experiencing a good summer with lots of excitement as political activity begins to hum. The election date, to be announced early next year, has parties and individuals gearing up for the race and clearly starting their campaigns. The overall economic conditions in TCI are good, with the austerity of the government for few years now yielding a surplus and decent credit rating for the country. The local population is eager for infrastructure updates with schools, clinics, roads and airports all needing work. We hope the new government will clearly focus on bringing the country forward with respect for the local TCI population and pristine island environment!

The massive inventory of properties available for sale across the Turks & Caicos Islands continues to offer investors an incredible array of business opportunities at all scales. For anywhere between $2-5 million dollars you can purchase a variety of fully operational businesses, take the plunge and enjoy the quality of life here in TCI with profound security. TCI has no property tax so land banking is a very viable portfolio inclusion for many – and the type of property to purchase is up to your budget. As is well known, there is a limited amount of accessible beachfront in the world. The reasonable drop in beachfront prices on Whitby beach found a ready market, with two properties sold within 5 months.

For those seeking a home in the sun, for themselves, for retirement and for rental income the time to buy is now. We continue to find new home construction projects moving forward across TCI, and projects underway approaching completion. Buy an existing property to renovate or build from scratch a dream home with our skilled local contractors. The condominiums and townhomes now on the market are an excellent value purchase

For the 2016-2017 season we will carry rental accommodation information and recommendations for North & Middle Caicos on our website to make it easier for you to come and visit!!

We invite you to “Go Beyond Provo!” and welcome your enquiries anytime – contact us at 1-649-231-4884, or info@forbesrealtytci.com. Forbes, Forbes & Forbes Ltd. is an independent real estate broker licensed in TCI and a member of the AIPP/UK. Read the full Realty Report.

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Featured Property: Ocean Beach Condominiums

Ocean Beach Condominiums

Ocean Beach Condominiums is a well established strata corporation of just ten units, with a good reputation with rental visitors. The beautiful stone work and cedar shingles create a warm and attractive structure just moments from the shore. Whitby Beach is a graceful sweep of white sand, perfect for swimming and strolling with coral heads offshore to explore. Built in the 1990's, the condos have had a major electricity upgrade, new deck, new sewage system and the roof is being redone this summer. It is a great time to invest with these capital projects now completed. Three units are currently available for sale.

Ocean Beach Condominiums

North Caicos has a well developed infrastructure with power, telecommunications, shopping and maintenance convenient and reliable. Local entrepreneurs have set up family businesses that include water plant, hardware supply, propane gas station, five supermarkets, car parts and repair, construction, tourist facilities, recreation activities and much more. At Bellefield Landing, there is access for large cargo and container delivery, with roll on/roll off capacity such that construction companies on North Caicos can handle residential projects competently.

Ocean Beach Condominiums were built in the late 1980’s, solid cement construction with beautiful island stone and cedar shingles. All major furniture/fittings are included in the asking prices, making this an easy “move in” for you anytime.

$149,950 USD : 1 bedroom/1 bath condominium east side, just a few steps from the beach.
$154,000 USD : 1 bedroom/1 bath carefully tended garden unit on corner, great breeze.
$160,000 USD : 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms - studio with queen bed / separate bedroom & ensuite.

In 2015 the Turks & Caicos Islands was selected as the best island in the world - an extraordinary accolade for a country that 15 years ago was an unknown speck on the global maps. Eco-tourism, emphasizing the heritage and culture here, will be a vital part of our sustainable economic development. With a wide range of properties available, this is very good time for investment in North Caicos.

Contact Sara for more information, 1-649-231-4884 or sara@forbesrealtytci.com. And please visit our properties pages, for many other listings on Middle and North Caicos as well as Salt Cay and Pine Cay.

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